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Many audience members responded to client satisfaction surveys of Tony's recent events, we have added a brief selection...

Tony Klinger I always enjoy listening to your excellent ways and means. Thank you.

Thank you Tony for such great advice 👍

"It's true. Just watched today's one as missed it live. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Learnt so much. Really love your honesty. Your deliverance (sic) is superb."

That wasn't what I expected, I was prepared for some rabble rousing exhortations to get out there and sell sell sell instead I got this gently spoken guy taking us on a journey to places, I, at least hadn't seriously considered before.

"..I have been telling friends and writers all about you regarding pitching."

PS..I have followed your advice several times. It hasn't failed me!! You and yours, stay well and safe, my friend!!

Wow, wow, wow!


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